Some babies are easier to cuddle than others!

Between Christmas and New Year we went on safari to the Queen Elizabeth Park with our daughter, Naomi.  We saw many animals and cute and cuddly though this baby hippo was, she was a big armful.  

This young chimp climbed up the tree and acted as though he was well hidden behind the tree trunk and couldn’t be seen.

Watching lions in their natural habitat is always amazing.

This wonderful trip followed a very enjoyable Christmas Day.  After the morning service in the Cathedral, 12 folk collected at Rosie’s house for coffee then went their separate ways to cook their part of the meal.  Fortuitously the collective timing was perfect and we gathered to share a wonderful meal.  Young William and James had made crackers complete with jokes and hats (we had to say bang to complete the effect).  Sitting around in hats made us look even more curious to passing locals.  Mike had missed out on the preparation as he was on duty in the Medical Centre.  He offered to do his bit by washing the dishes.  The shared event meant that no-one had to do much work and it was all very relaxed and pleasant.

PV children continue to do well. 


Elizabeth driving through the forest

Assumpta making her feelings known

Zak, nearly walking

Moses growing so quickly

Ruth, still nocturnal

and finally…

Anyone for a game of Hungry Hippos?


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